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George and the Dragon - by David and Muriel Ayre

The Princess Madonna has been taken by the wicked witch to feed to the Dragon. George, the son of a poor widow decides he will try to rescue the princess and thus be rewarded by the king.

There are parts for adults as well as children.

This pantomime has been received very well by audiences and is a good evening’s entertainment.


The Pied Piper of Hamelin - by David and Muriel Ayre

The story follows the traditional story of the Pied Piper with the addition of typical pantomime characters and includes both specially written music and well known songs.

There are parts for adults as well as many children to play the rats, children and animals of the forest.

This pantomime has been produced by junior schools as well as traditional local pantomime groups.


Aladdin - by David and Muriel Ayre

The wicked Abanaza is trying to get his hands on a magic lamp which is hidden in a cave which he can’t get into. So he enlists the aid of Aladdin to get the lamp.

There are a lot of colourful scenes with requirement for townspeople, courtiers palace guards etc etc and lots of children.

The production can be very complex if staged in a big theatre, or minimal if produced in a village hall.


In the pipeline

Sleeping Beauty (Awakes) - David and Muriel Ayre

Our story starts 100 years after the Princess was sent to sleep by the wicked witch. A young man, trying to find his lost cat in a thicket, stumbles upon the ancient court, frozen in time. He wakes the princess with a kiss. His troubles are just about to start when he finds he is trapped in a fairy tale world and he sets out to find his way back.


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